Information For Parents

Information for Parents

It’s Not Easy - Who knew it would be so difficult? Or so complicated. Children are the joy of one’s life and the bane of one’s existence--all at the same time. They teach us everything about ourselves as we try to teach them. They challenge, test, and sometimes defy your instructions. Often, they question your values. Raising children is not easy, especially today.

Children have access to the media in ways their parents never imagined. In that sense, teenage rebellion is easier than ever before. This media access scares some parents because of the sexually explicit themes, violence and strong language so readily available. Struggling against the steady stream of entertainment flowing into the home, many parents feel like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia—they’re drowning. It’s a normal feeling, just as rebellion is normal for a teenager.

Every generation throws a hero up the pop charts, every generation rebels. Your parents didn’t like or understand The Who or Jimi Hendrix; you don’t like or understand much of your children’s music. This is natural, but what is the answer? What can a parent do, where can a parent turn? Parents can turn to the experts. Parents can turn to each other. One thing is clear; a turn to censorship is a wrong turn.

Parental Advisory LabelMost parents believe in monitoring the music their children listen to. In focus groups on music lyrics, parents said they should, and do, have the primary responsibility for instilling in their children proper morals and values, and for controlling their behavior. Although parents may object to the small number of recordings that contain sexually explicit themes, violence, and/or strong language, for the most part, they resist censorship of any kind. Parents want to set the limits. They need information to do that. The Parental Advisory Label helps parents stay informed about their children’s music.

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