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RIAA Welcomes Congressional Report On Countries With Problematic IP Conditions For Creative Communities


WASHINGTON – A report issued today by the Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus (IAPC) identified five countries as priorities for their failure to provide adequate and effective protection for U.S. intellectual property. The IAPC named China, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland and Italy as major offenders, and called upon each of these countries to take immediate and effective action against Internet piracy in their territories, specifically targeting Russia’s vKontakte and Ukraine’s ex.ua.

Comment from RIAA Chairman and CEO Cary Sherman:

“We greatly appreciate the efforts of the Caucus and co-chairs Senators Whitehouse and Hatch and Congressmen Schiff and Goodlatte to promote the effective global protection of intellectual property. Moments like these where Congressional leaders spotlight nations with inadequate intellectual property protections are invaluable to prodding those countries into updating their copyright laws.  It’s appropriate that we recently celebrated our Constitution’s 225th birthday, for it is more important than ever that we ensure that the vision of the Founding Fathers in enshrining the protection of intellectual property in our Constitution is implemented in law and practice.

“There’s even more evidence that the work of the IAPC helps advance real progress online, as we’ve seen with the recently released ‘best practices’ by advertisers and ad networks to cut off ad revenue to illegal sites. This is an important element of a broader approach to curtailing online content theft where all Internet intermediaries such as advertisers, payment processors, search engines and others play a responsible role in fostering a safe and reliable Internet experience.

“Moreover, as a music business that now generates more than half of its revenues from an exciting digital marketplace, we welcome efforts such as this by the IAPC to help root out illegal sites in order to foster the growth of sites that deliver music to fans in legal, safe, convenient ways.”

Comment from Neil Turkewitz, Executive VP, International:

“While creators face unfair competition globally by having to compete with unlicensed versions of their own works, these five countries pose particularly egregious problems. Russia, China and Ukraine have long been at the top of the list of countries providing the least hospitable conditions for the creative community, and maintain legal frameworks and enforcement practices that fail to provide a robust response to the problem of piracy. Sites like Russia’s vKontakte, China’s Xunlei and Ukraine’s ex.ua operate services based on providing access to illegal materials. There is no place for that in the globally networked 21st century. And Italy and Switzerland have inexplicably failed to take meaningful steps to capture the opportunities, and confront the challenges, of the digital environment. The report issued today by the IAPC will hopefully serve as an impetus for these much-needed reforms.”


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