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Vintage Vinyl

November 05, 2009

Looking to re-energize your music collection? Give it a vintage touch. More and more artists, from your favorites of yesterday to today’s hitmakers, have released or re-released various albums in vinyl format. Now, we love all the different kinds of legal formats in which fans can enjoy their favorite tunes, but we can’t ignore the LP frenzy that has connected music fans of all ages.  In fact, our own annual music shipment report shows vinyl shipments more than doubling last year to $57 million, the highest level since 1990!  In November alone artists from Norah Jones to The Flaming Lips to Tom Petty will offer their new album releases in the format.  So dust off your record player, check out the liner notes, take in the sweet smell of a fresh album and give it a whirl. And check out this article on vinyl’s ‘groovy’ success from the Fairfax County Times that caught our eye:

Vinyl record company is working on a groovy thing (Fairfax County Times)

By Gregg MacDonald, November 3, 2009