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RIAA Comments On FCC Decision Affirming Ability Of ISPS To Address Piracy

August 01, 2008
WASHINGTON - The Federal Communications Committee issued an order today that clarifies the ability of ISPs to address piracy over their networks. Recording Industry Association of America Chairman & CEO Mitch Bainwol offered the following statement.

“The FCC proceeding concluding today has generated a healthy and appropriate debate about how ISPs should manage their networks.

There is no longer any doubt that ISPs have the right to use network management tools to address unlawful activity – including the theft of copyrighted music.

We applaud Chairman Martin's clear affirmation that ISPs may use technology to prevent the theft of copyrighted works.

There is a crystallizing consensus among governments around the globe that ISPs should be taking affirmative steps to address piracy on their networks. It is our hope and expectation that ISPs here will accelerate their efforts to work with us to address online piracy.”


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