How To Qualify

The popularity of the Gold® & Platinum® awards has made them valuable collectibles and their manufacturing has evolved into a specialized field. For more than 10 years, in order to curb potential fraud and abuse, the RIAA® has enlisted licensed framers, giving them the exclusive right to prepare awards. An RIAA®-certified title permits a music label to purchase from these licensed frame shops, and all official RIAA® awards bear a specialized RIAA® hologram logo.

The certified title’s music label must first authorize plaque orders before they can be manufactured. Once an order has been approved, the record label works with a licensed framer to determine the design and quantity of the award.

The RIAA® is unable to fully authenticate any existing award, but we can verify whether or not a title is certified.  We regularly work with our member companies and outside agencies to ensure that counterfeits do not penetrate the market. Working together with Sotheby's and other auction houses, the RIAA®, in coordination with its anti-piracy division, has been able to identify and pull unauthorized awards from auction.

The RIAA® asks its members and the general public for assistance in detecting fraudulent awards. Anyone who sees a Gold® or Platinum® award that claims U.S. sales certification, but does not include the RIAA® hologram logo, should contact the RIAA®'s anti-piracy division at 1-800-BAD-BEAT or email badbeat@RIAA®.com.

For information on collecting Gold® and Platinum® awards, see Goldmine's Price Guide to Collectible Record Albums, 3rd Edition.