Become A Member

Eligibility for corporate membership in the Recording Industry Association of America, as described in the association's bylaws, is open to legitimate record companies with main offices in the United States that are engaged in the production and sale, under their own brand label, of recordings of performances for home use. Eligibility is not extended to companies that are currently engaged in, have within five years of application been engaged in, or are controlled by any person, firm or corporation which has within 5 years of application been engaged in the unauthorized creation, duplication, sale, importation, or other use of sound recordings in violation of state or federal law. The RIAA does not offer individual or associate memberships.

Information about RIAA membership application process is available on this web site or by telephoning the RIAA and asking for the membership applications voicemail.

All requests for a membership application must be submitted in writing on company letterhead and sent to:

RIAA Member Services
1025 F ST NW 10th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20004
(202) 775-0101

Submit the signed, completed application, a signed confidentiality agreement, and a product sample (one or two pieces of finished product, already in, or ready to enter, the distribution chain). Product must comply with applicable "true name and address" guidelines, as noted on the membership application.

The application process takes approximately 45 days. Your application will be reviewed by various operating units within the RIAA to assure your company's eligibility for membership.

If you are approved for membership, you will receive an approval letter and a sales declaration form, to be returned to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). PWC will calculate your dues based on your gross revenues/market share. Dues payments are to be submitted in confidence to PWC, not the RIAA. You will officially be an RIAA member once you've submitted the sales declaration form, are billed by PWC, and have paid your dues.

If approved, you will also receive a committee participation form, describing the RIAA committee structure and asking you to designate representatives to committees of interest to your company.

Once you are a member, your designated contact will receive a range of association informational mailings. Your committee representatives will be able to begin participating in the association's committee activities. Our anti-piracy staff will act on your company's behalf as they pursue the association's anti-piracy program. Most importantly, your company will be part of the RIAA effort to grow our industry and to protect our artists and product.